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“Orion Tech Systems was founded on the idea of there is nothing more important than TRUST. The relationships we form with our clients is what defines us.”

We understand IT can be overwhelming at times and the simplest issues can cause the biggest headache, that’s where we come in. Orion provides actual solutions and the best customer service in the industry versus hyperbole. We offer IT Solutions for any size or need, however we specialize in small to medium size businesses. Our solutions range from Cyber & Network Security, Help Desk, Network Monitoring, Infrastructure Design, and more. We have an extensive background in working with established and growing businesses to increase efficiency and revenue, through enhanced technology services.

With more than 15 years of experience we are redefining IT through customer first mentality and innovation.


Cyber & Network Security is every company’s number one priority, if it’s not, then it should be. Orion uses only the best tools to protect your company from the most dangerous threats. Contact us and learn how Orion can start protecting your company immediately.

Your company deserves the best support in the industry and that’s why Orion’s Help Desk Technicians are local and dedicated to supporting your team. We take pride in offering the best response time in the industry, so your business can stay ahead of the competition.

Sometimes problems need to be addressed in person and that’s why we have the resources to solve ANY technology problems your company may face, in a timely manner. We provide an SLA tailored to your business needs, guaranteeing an experience like no other.

Your network and systems are the backbone of your IT infrastructure and it’s crucial those components are operational all the time. That’s why we provide remote monitoring for your entire IT infrastructure. We will proactively monitor your network and when there is an issue, we will be on top of it before you even know about it.

Servers can be daunting to manage especially considering their critical role in daily operations. With our server management solution you can rest easy knowing all your servers, whether Standalone or Virtual, are secure, updated, and fully operational all the time.

Orion has, and works with, some of the brightest stars in the IT world and have broad capabilities. Whether it is one office or a multinational enterprise, we will work with you in designing and implementing the best solution for your IT infrastructure.

There are a number of VoIP providers out there and it can be overwhelming when deciding on the right fit for your company. We understand there is a budget and we also understand the system has to work to your needs, so we work with multiple VoIP providers to find the best solution.

Printing has been known to create the biggest headaches in the IT industry, such as the printer isn’t printing, it’s making a funny noise, or it keeps jamming. The last thing we want is for your company to have to even worry about these problems. We provide the best, cost effective, Print Solutions in the area. We also provide solutions on reducing your print output, contact us for more information.

The cellular industry is designed to confuse and disorient the consumer. Orion will make it simple by analyzing your Cellular account and providing the most cost effective way of managing it. These analysis’ results in a 99% chance of saving anywhere from 20% – 100%. Contact us to relieve this headache today!

Your Data is very important to you, obviously, but it’s also very important to us. We take Data backup very serious and offer multiple, redundant, solutions to ensure your data is secure and easily restored.

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